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EZ Dose Packaging

The pharmacy department at Clingman Pharmacy has added a great deal of specialization to help meet the needs of our customers. While most of our customers still have their prescriptions dispensed in a vial we now offer a multitude of different med-packs to help organize the more complicated therapies. This service has helped many seniors avoid drug interactions, duplications of therapy and other common confusing errors that can happen easily if not monitored closely. This method of preparation also eliminates the handling of multiple vials and makes it easier for a caregiver and your Doctor to monitor how you are taking your medicine.

We currently have this service available in 28 day med packs that are prepared in four weekly packs that are easy to transport while on vacation and going to see your physician.

Once entered into our EZ DOSE schedule we take care of handling all of your home medications. This includes contacting your physician for refills when your supply is running low and establishing a monthly charge account to help make paying for your medication less confusing.

This service is available for any walk-in customer as well as a scheduled delivery system.

In addition to this we also dispense to all area residential care facilities and nursing homes.