Therapeutic Footwear

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Covered by Medicare & Many Private Insurances

Dr. Zen therapeutic footwear features the most advanced functional orthopedic shoe technology built right into the shoe. With over 50 years of combined experience, a team consisting of a Pedorthist, Orthotist, Podiatrist and Biomechanical Engineers collaboratively designed the ultimate therapeutic shoe.

Why buy a diabetic shoe?
Proper foot care is an important part of diabetes management. In fact, diabetics are at an extremely increased risk of serious foot disorders. Foot problems are the most common diabetes complication leading to hospitalizations. Ulcers or sores on the feet can be caused by improper shoe gear that can result in infection and possible amputations.

Can a diabetic shoe help?
Studies show that the well fitted diabetic shoes with moldable insoles reduce the development of these ulcers and sores. By starting preventative measures early, it is possible to avoid later foot complications and will enable you to maintain an independent active lifestyle. This is why the Dr. Zen Shoes and Insoles are an excellent first step towards better foot health.

Who should wear Dr. Zen prescription shoes?
The condition of your feet is addressed by the physician who is familiar with the patient. Dr. Zen Shoes are for the patient at risk for foot complications. Especially if the patient already has any type of mild foot deformity, ulcer or amputation. Nothing can replace the experience in the shoe designed by Dr. Zen.

What is a comfortable prescription shoe?
The prescription shoes should have enough room to accommodate the foot. It should also be roomy enough for any deformities present. Shoe should be designed to have support on the plantar (sole) surface to cushion high pressure areas. Poorly fitted footwear is one of the commonest causes of ulceration. Dr. Zen Therapeutic Shoes meet all of these specifications.

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