The Green Vial

What is a Green Vial Message?

I have always been a softy when it comes to positive messages and stories like this, but seldom does the opportunity or time present itself to share them with anyone. This is where the "Green Vial Message" comes in.

My goals with the Green Vial are always to be positive and provide a new source for healthy, helpful, inspiring, motivating and even entertaining reading to make a difference for you.



I never know where to draw the line, so of course I first ask my wife who replies, “You're walking a fine line and stay away from the Fraulein.” When my daughter overhears this conversation, she offers, “Just don’t mess with my pipeline.”  Still perplexed, I turn to my bookkeeper who says, “You really need to pay more attention to your bottom line.” When I wrote the IRS, they responded with a terse message: “You just missed your deadline, be prepared to do some time.”  So I went home, packed my bags and headed to the shoreline to work on my tan line. You will not be able to reach me because I disconnected the phone line so I can enjoy a bottle of fine wine and maybe even some moonshine.


"EZ Dose has been a blessing. I know I'm always getting the right dose of the right medicine at the right time!"

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